Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just some Pictures of the Furkids Enjoying the Outdoors.


My personal picture, no barrowing/sharing. 
My Brownie, he likes to just sit on the porch sometimes and listen to everything! 
He can't see it anymore, but enjoys it all the same! :) 

My personal picture no barrowing/copying/sharing allowed
Going outside isnt much of an interest of Charlie's unless it to use the bathroom,
she's more of a couch potatoe. We're working on her just sitting and relaxing when we go out just to go. This is pretty much as relaxed as she gets. Lol. She was watching the dogs across the street running back and forth. She knows that's not allowed, she only goes outside when she has a leash on.. ( for her, or Brownie. My dogs arent hoodlums. haha ). 


Although, Brownies never had/been made to wear a collar or leash. I just trusted him. He only left our yard once and that was the day after we got him.. he ran across the street ( the people that gave me him live there ) to go play with his cat. 

He was trained without a leash. ( I know, I know.. dangers.. and what not. I train mine how it works for them and you train yours how you want. ). 

Charlie on the other hand.. goes crazy when let of the leash. She wants to see and smell everything. And run. She loves running. So I have to make sure the gates to our yard are shut when I let her off the leash. Everytime, that dang cat makes an apperance when I do. Charlie hates cats, like a very very strong hate. Which is weird. When she was a puppy and I took her to petsmart she always loved to play with the kittens threw the glass. 

Anyhow. Oh, Notice the harness Charlie's wearing. That was one of her Christmas gift. Great harness. I picked it because it didnt have that chest strap.. she has a deep chest and the regular harneses never work.. they move or fall low on her shoulders and bothers her and she ends up chewing it off! This ones awesome, and a lot more comfortable then others we've tried. It's also lasted a lot longer then them too! ( like a month longer  - lol, she chews them usually within the same day or next ). 

So, Charlie's birthdays passed.. it was the 11th, she turned 4. She had a good one. Spent the whole day lounging around watching movies and she got to eat hotdogs!! Great day! :) 

Brownies if Feb 16th. He's going to be 10. 

Alright. Well, time to go spend some .. time with my furkids. Have a nice day!! :)


End of year Catch up..

So, It's been a while.... 

How's... things? 

I've been busy since before Christmas, catching up on the other blog.. blah. Anyhow, how was 
ya'lls Christmas? Did your furkids enjoy it? 

We'll here at my house ours where spoiled. They each got a ton of toys, new collars/harnesses.. 
Charlie got a blanket ( Brownie got his early ). 

Brownie had plenty to open this year so there was no stealing presents like last year. Ha. 
That was funny... I never have a camera available. Ba. O'well. Oh Brownie and Charlie got Christmas pajamas! ( pictures will be shared. - of course )

Brownie, in his Christmas pajamas! :) He didnt much 
care for the legs.. he kept kicking until they came off. Still cute. 

We got them at Target, they didnt have much to pick 
from, but these were really cute and we had already bought Charlie a pair, so Brownie needed some too! 

Charlie in her's. She's odd sized so her's were a bit
big on her. Oh the hat. She hated it. Never do this to your dog. See her facial expression. So funny. Like 

" I'm gettin' real tired of your crap, mom " 

<- Entire outfit also from, Target. 

So, all in all.. pretty awesome Christmas here!

Spoiled pets, remained spoiled. 

Hope ya'll had a good one! 


As always, these are my own personal pictures. Please, no barrowing or sharing without consent. - Thank you! :) 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

OMG! Christmas is just over a month away!!

Brownie and Charlie LOVE Christmas!! 
Last year, Brownie was so excited to get presents.. he opened all his, then started running around the room stealing everyone else's trying to open them for them! - LOL- This year, I'm going to have the camera ready, he's already excited.. were getting the tree out.. not put up yet. Soon though. So, Im my house, we buy for the pets, and we wrap them too. Cause they enjoy it! Some people might think they dont know.. they know. If you saw Brownie last year, ya'll party poopers would think otherwise! :) 

Anyhow, I already got stockings for the three, Brownie.. Charlie.. and my mom's dog George. He's not into it as much as my two. Not gonna leave him out though! Mom even got them gifts this year!! We shop early. I still need to get their big gifts. 

I dont know what though.. They both loved stuffed toys.. and food. Probably gonna just make them a basket each.. couple bags of treats.. and a few toys.. Cant ever have to many toys.. Seriously though, these two go through toys like CRAZY! Brownie, he looks for tiny holes, loose stitching and when he finds it.. he picks.. 2 minutes.. his record of destroying a toy. I literally brought it home, took the tag of and handed it too him.. he took of with it.. 2 minutes later, my brother brings me stuffing and the carcass of the toy. - LOL -. Charlie's not that bad, she had her toy she babies and sleeps with ( best taken care of toy ever! ) and then she has her play toys.. she chews limbs off. We have a beck-less, legless, wingless duck around here somewhere. So, like I said.. toys are a must when it comes to getting gifts for my two! 

Speaking of, If ya'll know of any tough toys, with puncture proof squeekers.. for serious chewers.. they have to be soft, they dont touch rubber/plastic toys. Charlie prefers giraffes and Brownies a duck man. They are picky. Well, if ya'll know of any that fit that discription, please let me know! 

Do ya'll get your pets Christmas gifts? 

Do they enjoy the holiday? 

Let me know! 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Senior Dog Month!

Well, November is Senior Dog Month! 
I'm the very proud owner/mother of a wonderful, loving, sweet, very handsome senior doggy. 

My Brownie

9 years old. 

He'll be 10, February 16th. I've had him since he was around 8 months old. That first eight
months was rough on him, but now.. he's a very happy and very loved family member! 

He doesnt act 9 though, he's still very active and playful.. he does like his sleep and relaxing
time though, but who doesnt. :) 

He has cataracts in both eyes, he can see a very tiny bit out of one eye. ( in case you was wondering about his eyes, a lot of people ask ). 

Well, this is my senior doggy! If you want you can share pictures of yours! If you dont have one
I highly suggest visiting your local shelters/rescues, senior dogs need home too.. There are so many great things about adopting older dogs, most are already trained, housebroken, and if your just looking for a companion dog that you dont have to chase around, these ones are great!  

Happy Friday!